Our Snuggle HQ Mission

Snuggle HQ is dedicated to promoting the social, emotional, and physical benefits of affectionate, platonic touch.

We seek to build a community committed to sharing tender human contact.  We publicize events, post stories, and provide resources and professional contacts for you to explore snuggling at your own pace and comfort level in a supportive environment.

Meet the Snuggle HQ Crew

The Crew at Snuggle HQ are the folks behind the scenes helping keep the site working, teaching snuggle activism strategies, finding snuggle resources, and building a stronger, deeper snuggle community.

You can become a part of the Snuggle Crew, too!  Tell us about yourself using the button below.

...and by Snuggle you mean?

At Snuggle HQ, snuggling and cuddling are completely platonic, nurturing forms of touch.  Our goal is to help YOU share more affectionate, loving touch and create more caring, compassion, and collaboration in the world!  Please check out the other pages of this site for information, links, resources, and more.  Welcome to your source for all things snuggly!!!

Why should I Snuggle?

Much of ‘Western’ culture, and North American society in particular, have become so isolated and separated from the communal and tribal ways of our ancestors.  Because of this, too many people are suffering from ‘skin hunger’ – our basic, biological need to be touched in gentle, nurturing ways; and the incredible gift of tender human contact should not be reserved exclusively for romantic relationships.

Humans are pack animals, and are intended to support one another.  At Snuggle HQ we emphasize interdependence – a world where we recognize our reliance on one another to help meet our basic human needs for connection and companionship.