Shanya Luther

Snuggle HQ Founder and Snuggle Facilitator

Dave Wheitner

Snuggle HQ Consultant (Author of Snuggle Party Guidebook)

Jillian Eyerman

Snuggle HQ Consultant

Shea Layton

Snuggle HQ Administrator

Carl Perkins

Snuggle HQ VIP (Owner of Rhino Digital Printing)

Aaron Nelson

Snuggle HQ Photo and Video Contributor (Freelance Cinematographer, Photographer, and Grip)

Contact Us


There are endless ways to get involved with the community of Snuggle HQ.  You can contact us about becoming a Snuggle HQ Volunteer, joining the Snuggle HQ Crew, or training as a Snuggle Ambassador or Snuggle Squad member. AND… you’re already a:

SNUGGLE ACTIVIST … if you sponsor the Snuggle Mobile, volunteer for Charity Snuggles, or attend regular snuggle events and bring your friends!!! (we look forward to seeing you soon!  just use the calendar on the Snuggle Events page)

SNUGGLE SUPPORTER … if you donate to the Snuggle Mobile, spread the word about Snuggle HQ on social media, forward Snuggle Event information to your friends, and encourage others to get involved.  (thank you! we really appreciate your efforts!)

SNUGGLE BUDDY … if you frequent Snuggle HQ, share your snuggle stories, send us snuggle resources to post, and pick up great gifts at the Snuggle Shoppe for your friends. (we’re so glad you’re part of our community!)

SNUGGLE EXPLORER … if you are new to Snuggle HQ and trying to learn about all the social and health benefits of snuggling.  Go ahead and read the blogs and check out our resources! (and welcome, we’re happy to have you!)


If you would like to be notified of positions to join the Snuggle HQ Crew or to be a Snuggle Ambassador or Snuggle Squad member, use the contact form above to send us a message. Include how you came to learn about Snuggle HQ, what your experience and skill set entails, and what interests you the most about the prospect of coming aboard the Crew. A crew member will give you a phone call as soon as possible to discuss if you & Snuggle HQ are a good match!